This YouTuber Takes 25 Minutes to Explain Everything Wrong With His Tesla Model S

October 30, 2017, 6:48 PM UTC

Tyler Martin is, on the whole, actually a pretty happy Tesla owner. But that didn’t stop him from recently posting an epic 25-minute review of his 2016 Tesla Model S and its multiple quality problems on YouTube. The company is in the midst of trying to deliver on hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for its more affordable Tesla Model 3.

Martin faced a heap of quality problems with his Model S over the course of about six months and 3,000 miles of driving, as Jalopnik reports. Those include unaligned trim on the door, a steering wheel which remained crooked while driving straight, and a driver-side mirror that didn’t unfold fully on its own (requiring Martin to physically push it all the way open). Martin’s specific model is the 60D.

The list went on, with new minor issues cropping up with Martin’s vehicle following several thousand more miles of driving and a couple of servicing and maintenance sessions. For instance, a number of different rattles developed in the Tesla’s central console and the front passenger-side door. To Martin, the biggest issue was a strange yellow line that encased the Model S’s 17-inch touchscreen.

None of this means Martin is a Tesla hater, though. “Despite all these little tiny problems that I’ve had, this is a fantastic car, and I’ve enjoyed driving it almost every single day,” he said.

Consumer Reports has had a mostly loving relationship with Tesla, but has dinged some models over reliability concerns in the past. However, Tesla actually jumped four spots (up to number 21) in the 2017 Consumer Reports Car Reliability Survey thanks to the nonprofit rating the predicted reliability for the Model S as “above average” for the first time ever.