This Year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Gifts Are On a Different Level

October 20, 2017, 1:16 PM UTC

The “official start of the holiday shopping season” is here, or so declares retailer Neiman Marcus.

The release of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, the 91st edition of which came out this week, is undeniably an American tradition, dating all the way back to 1926. Stacking up at 276 pages, it famously includes a “fantasy gifts” section, which has some insane gift ideas for those rough and ready with their cash.

What’s in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book?

For the small expense of $1.6 million, why not host a New Year’s Eve party on a rooftop at Times Square, replete with 150 luxury rooms for two nights and a clear view of what it calls “the most exciting minute in the world?” That’s the Times Square Ball Drop, if you were wondering.

If that stretches the wallet a little too much, why not drop $300,000 on exploring Zambia’s Kagem emerald mine with a renowned jeweler, leaving others “green with envy?”

Or, for those with a passion for bespoke fashion, $40,000 will buy you six customized handbags by designer Olympia Le Tan, with an exclusive trip to Paris thrown in. The bags, say Neiman Marcus, are “equal parts humor and homage.” A bag rendition of “Pyscho” by Robert Bloch takes pride of place on the page.

If conspicuous consumption isn’t your thing, there’s something for you too. For just $50,000, you can purchase 250 paper ornaments, the proceeds from which Neiman Marcus will donate to its own charitable foundation — which it says will be used to build wells to help people in poverty access clean water. Shipping charges and taxes may apply, says the small print.

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