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China’s Richest Man Says Donald Trump Could Cost the U.S. Thousands of Jobs

China’s richest man Wang Jianlin has sent at warning to Donald Trump, saying curbs to Chinese investment in U.S. will cost thousands of jobs.

The Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group told a forum in Beijing on Saturday that he has asked former Sen. Christopher Dodd, head of the Motion Picture Association of America, to pass the message onto the President-elect. “I met the chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, he said he will be meeting Mr. Trump soon and asked if I have any message I want to send,” he said in remarks reported by Bloomberg. “I’ve invested over $10 billion in the U.S., employing over 20,000 people. If something goes wrong, these 20,000-plus people might be out of jobs.”

The billionaire’s company has a growing collection of U.S. entertainment business, which includes AMC Theatres, movie studio Legendary Entertainment LLC and is set to buy Golden Globe Awards producer Dick Clark Productions Inc. Wang has also expressed an interest in buying one of Hollywood’s “Big Six” studios.

Wang’s growing clout in the industry has unnerved some U.S. lawmakers, who have called for more government scrutiny over Chinese takeovers.

“Other things aside, in the film and entertainment industry, you have to understand that English-language films are relying on the Chinese market for growth” Wang said.