Mobile is eating the world

November 1, 2014, 6:30 PM UTC

If you haven’t come across Benedict Evans yet, this is a good place to start.

The former sell-side analyst is now a “Partner” (the quotes are his) at Andreessen Horowitz, the angel investors behind Facebook, Skype, Twitter and a host of other Silicon Valley startups.

But even before he joined a16z (a hacker numeronym I leave for the reader to solve), Evans cast an oversized shadow in tech circles with a weekly newsletter (24,000 subscribers), multiple podcasts (Cubed and now a16z) and a hyperactive Twitter account (58,000 tweets).

This week he gave an updated version of his signature slideshow Mobile is eating the world at two tech conferences, WSJDLIVE and a16z Tech Summit.

Since the presentation was posted on his website Thursday, it’s been downloaded 100,000 times. I’ve embedded a copy below.

Give Evans 13 minutes and he’ll give you the world.

(Click here if the space above is blank.)

UPDATE: Evans followed up Saturday with a new podcast. Selling Tech to Everyone — Changes Everything

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