Pre-Marketing: Geithner makes default contingency plans

July 7, 2011, 3:30 PM UTC

* Just in case: Treasury secretly weighs options to avoid default

* On the other hand… House Republicans are not drafting a backup plan

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higherLondon rises early and the Nikkei falls on utilities.

* Marissa Campise: What is Twitter’s potential market size? 

* Joseph Sitglitz: It is time to marginalize free-market ideologues

* Adam Ludwin: Your startup isn’t unique, and that doesn’t matter

* Incentive or gift? How employee perceptions of stock options affect performance

* Marissa Mayer: Why there aren’t more girl geeks

* Word of advice: Do not locate your pet store next to a bar

* Revolving door: Top anti-trust attorney returning to private sector

* Steven Davidoff: In Silicon Valley, Skype is not alone when it comes to options

* How much is the Minnesota gov’t shutdown costing? No way to tell, since the office that measures it was shut down.

* Tweet of the day: @chazard Anyone who thinks the facebook – skype tie up on video chat is not an important & big move does not have teenage daughters.