Pre-Marketing 3.3.11

March 3, 2011, 5:51 PM UTC

* Steven Davidoff: What’s next for J Crew?

* Barry Ritholtz: Is McKinsey & Co. the root of all evil?

* Ken MacFadyen: Oak Hill’s sale of Duane Reade is a vindication of the private equity model

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London opens strongEuropean shares rebound and the Nikkei gains 0.9%.

* Scott Kirsner: What’s the point of Boston vs. Silicon Valley?

* Mary Shapiro, HR czar: SEC votes to curb hedge fund bonuses

* Julian Robertson: The U.S. is obsessed with doing nothing about debt

* Edmund Lee: How Charlie Sheen got his Twitter account verified so quickly

* P.J. Huffstutter: Everyone may hate corn-based ethanol, but production is ramping up

* It’s hard to raise money, if you’re a private equity manager focused on Russia or Central and Eastern Europe

* Walking contradictions: Although a vast majority of Tea Party supporters favor smaller government, they don’t want cuts in their Medicare or Social Security.

* Survey says: VC-backed CEOs expect higher bonuses in 2011

* Reuters shows that it doesn’t understand nuance. It makes a big deal of Twitter’s Biz Stone saying the company isn’t selling a 10% stake to J.P. Morgan. Ignores the fact that J.P. Morgan put money into a different fund that bought up shares from early Twitter investors and employees. It’s true that the company isn’t raising new funding. But JP Morgan got in because existing shareholders wanted liquidity.