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No Beatles, just Steve Jobs and Norah Jones

Jobs and Jones. Photo: Apple Inc.

Everybody got something wrong.

The pundits who were sure the Beatles were coming to iTunes had to make do with a live performance by Norah Jones.

The analysts who predicted that Apple (AAPL) would introduce a new Apple TV or a tablet computer had to settle for some price cuts and memory upgrades on the iPod line.

The journalists who insisted that Steve Jobs’ days as a presenter were over had to deal with the fact of his presence on center stage at Apple’s “It’s only rock and roll” event Wednesday, looking gaunt but surprisingly robust.

Even those who were sure that Apple was putting cameras on all its iPods — and had pirated photos to prove it — had to settle for just one video-equipped iPod: the nano.

But though the list of new products didn’t come close to meeting expectations, the legion of live bloggers covering the event seemed satisfied — and even excited — by what they saw and heard.

Sitting for an hour in a room with Steve Jobs will do that to you.

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