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Image: Apple Inc.

In an early-morning teaser, Apple (AAPL) has chopped $20 to $120 off the prices of most of its iPod line.

The new prices were posted only hours before a special music event at which Apple is expected to replace most if not all of its existing iPods with new models loaded with more memory and added functions, such as a camera.

Among the cuts:

  • 8 GB iPod touch reduced to $189 from $229 ($40 off)
  • 32 GB iPod touch reduced to $279 from $399 ($120 off)
  • 16 GB iPod nano reduced to $149 from $199 ($50 off)
  • 120 GB iPod classic reduced to $229 from $249 ($20 off)

The new prices are posted, without comparisons to the old, on Apple’s online store. Only the iPod shuffle appears to be unaffected. It still $79 for 4 GB.

Today’s event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Pacific (1 p.m. Eastern) at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

UPDATE below with price changes announced at the event:

Some iPod prices changed between this morning’s post and the Yerba Buena event.

  • Apple introduced a 2 GB iPod shuffle for $49 (the 4 GB model is still $79).
  • The entry level 8GB iPod touch now costs $199 ($30 off), the 32 GB model costs $299 ($100 off) and there’s a new 64 GB model for $399.
  • The 8 GB nano (now with video) goes for $149 (no change) and the 16 GB model for $179 ($20 off).

This morning’s listings may have been clearance prices for the older models; as of midafternon Wednesday they had not yet turned up in the clearance section of Apple’s online store.

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