By Susie Gharib
December 27, 2016

The CEO of one of America’s biggest insurers says it looks like President-elect Donald Trump is creating “a more pro-business environment.” Rick McKenney heads Tennessee-based Unum Group, which provides insurance policies for millions of people around the world. With revenues of more than $10 billion, Unum is ranked number 265 on the Fortune 500.

Speaking to Fortune’s Susie Gharib he says that pro-business push is a good thing for the economy. That may be why he thinks the U.S. economy can grow a bit faster in 2017 than the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent rate forecast. But he’s doubtful about Trump’s prediction of boosting growth by 4 to 5 percent. “Those are pretty lofty levels,” he says.

When asked what important changes he would like to see from the Trump Administration that would help Unum and other American businesses, he was more reflective than specific. McKenney hopes people will take a more positive view about the contributions that businesses can make to help the country. “I think it’s more of an attitude,” McKenney says. “I’d like to see where business is very much seen as the fabric of America, which historically it always has been.”


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