By Ross Kohan
December 7, 2016

Douglas Baker, like most business leaders across the country, is trying to figure out what to expect from President-elect Donald Trump. The Ecolab CEO tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib that so far, he’s hopeful.

“Trump’s clearly going to change policies. And with change is going to come, I think, a change in outcome,” Baker says. “And I think with the right moves, that outcome could be positive.”

He’s also not too worried about Trump’s stance on climate change. Trump made campaign promises to roll back the recent Paris climate agreement with 200 countries and the Clean Power Plan, which directs U.S. states to lower carbon emissions.

These are important issues for Ecolab. The St. Paul, Minn. company, with annual revenues of about $14 billion, is known as a green-tech, clean-energy company. It specializes in helping Fortune 500 firms with industrial wastewater treatment and conservation. But Baker believes state governments, Congress, and the American people will have a strong voice in any plans to change environmental policies.

“I think environmental policy will change and we’ll adjust,” Baker says. “I also think states have a big say in this. Right? And so it’s not as simple as a federal mandate.”


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