By Ross Kohan
December 5, 2016

If you want to know what America’s top business leaders are thinking, just ask Mark Weinberger. As the CEO of Ernst and Young (EY), one of the nation’s biggest accounting firms, he’s in constant contact with the CEOs who run Fortune 500 companies. After all, many of them are EY clients.

Now, Weinberger can also share his insights with President-Elect Donald Trump. He’s just been tapped—along with 15 other business leaders—to serve on the “President’s Strategic and Policy Forum” in order to help Trump set a pro-business agenda.

Ahead of the news, Weinberger talked with Fortune’s Susie Gharib about what to expect from the Trump administration. They met recently at EY’s Strategic Growth Forum where more than 2,000 top business executives and policymakers gathered in Palm Springs, California to talk about the key issues that Trump will need to tackle.

Some takeaways from Weinberger, who says he’s “optimistic” about the future: Individuals and corporations will get tax cuts, but tax reform will take longer than people expect; business and government will need to partner with each other to fund Trump’s bold infrastructure spending plans; and economic growth depends on businesses investing again, something that has slowed down for the past four years. Weinberger’s bottom line: Compromise will be critical even though Republicans control Congress.


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