By Ross Kohan
November 8, 2016

“All things in moderation.” That’s Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan’s motto—as well as a window to both Moynihan and his leadership style.

Moynihan became CEO of the nation’s second largest bank in a time of crisis. He was chosen in 2010 to head up the Charlotte-based bank to deal amid a long list of messy financial and legal problems. A lawyer first, Moynihan kept his cool during the financial crisis despite daily headlines with bad news and doubts about his ability to fix the mess.

Speaking with Fortune’s Susie Gharib, Moynihan reflects on how he’s been able to turn things around at BofA. “Always look to think about what would go wrong,” he says. “So when you have to win and be aggressive and win the market, all things in moderation.”


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