By Ross Kohan
November 7, 2016

Bank of America (”BAC”) CEO Brian Moynihan doesn’t scare easily. He’s not worried about speculation on Wall Street that activist investors might try to shake up things at the nation’s second-largest bank.

Moynihan tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib that BofA is in good shape. The bank has been cutting costs, selling off marginal businesses, and cleaning up a slew of financial problems left over from the mortgage crisis. What’s missing, though, is growth in revenues and earnings. And the stock is languishing. Not surprisingly, investors are getting impatient.

“Well, I’ve always said if somebody’s got a better idea of something to do, we’re all ears,” Moynihan says.

He adds that given BofA’s size—$2 trillion in assets—“it’s tricky” to come after the bank. Still, Moynihan has a message for activists. “If they have a great idea, come talk to us,” he says. “We continue to think of new ideas. If there’s some idea they have, let me know.”


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