By Ross Kohan
November 2, 2016

Etsy is on a roll.

The company, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., runs an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. It reported strong results in the third quarter with revenue jumping 33%, and it’s been growing double digits every quarter this year. Looking ahead, Etsy expects that high-paced growth to continue.

CEO Chad Dickerson tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib that Etsy is popular with consumers because it connects buyers and sellers to “ buy things in your everyday life.”

Etsy first launched in 2005 and went public 10 years later. It now has 1.7 million active sellers, more than 27 million active buyers, and operates in nearly 200 countries.

But Etsy has a new challenge: Amazon. The online giant has launched its own arts and crafts marketplace called “Handmade” and it’s growing at a fast pace. Dickerson, however, is not concerned because Etsy sellers are “creative entrepreneurs” and he doesn’t think you can find their unique merchandise anywhere else.

“There’s really only one place on the Internet and that’s Etsy where you’re featured alongside other finely crafted merchandise,” he says. “So that’s something our sellers really, really care about. So they feel like Etsy is very much like a home for them, not just a platform.”


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