By Ross Kohan
October 31, 2016

Pepsi says it’s getting serious about cutting sugar from its sodas. And Ilene Gordon applauds the decision. Gordon is CEO of Ingredion, a Fortune 500 company and major supplier of ingredients for beverage and food companies all around the world.

Surprised? Gordon tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib she is a big believer in making ingredients that are nutritious for consumers. When she was tapped as CEO in 2009, she took the bold step of changing the name of the 100-year-old, Illinois-based company from Corn Products International to Ingredion. She also backed off from the company’s core product, high-fructose corn syrup, a much-maligned sweetener that health-conscious consumers had been rejecting.

Through a string of acquisitions, Ingredion has come up with substitute ingredients that make food taste good, but use natural food additives. As Gordon says, “The consumer really wants a label that’s simple and made with ingredients from their grandmother’s cupboard.”


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