“Winning” has new meaning in Corporate America. It’s not just about profits or market share or a high stock price. Many business leaders say successful companies are the ones that align their strategies, products and services with making the world a better place.

Surprisingly, the companies that have reinvented their corporate purpose are seeing a big payoff. They are attracting top talent. CEOs tell Fortune’s Susie Gharib that job applicants want to work for companies that serve society and the common good.

This trend has a name: “leading with purpose.” And it is a common theme that Gharib discovered from a series of CEO interviews she conducted in partnership with The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program (https://www.aspeninstitute.org/programs/business-and-society-program/purpose-of-the-corporation/).

In this segment, three CEOs talk about the lessons they are learning about why individuals are more deeply drawn to organizations that have a clear purpose that impacts the world in a positive way.

As Duke Energy’s Lynn Good explains, “Employees care about what the mission of the company is. They care about how you treat customers. They care about your focus on community. I think as you attract younger employees into an organization, it’s a broader set of considerations—lifestyle, your commitments you make to them. And I think that’s part of evolving and changing in a way that you remain an attractive company for employees.”