Ask Kelly Services CEO Carl Camden what it takes to be a leader, and he’ll tell you to take risks over “the safe route.”

“The people I have seen who had the worst business careers are the ones who had the most developed plan for what their life was going to be,” Camden tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib. “If you’re not scared, it’s probably not worth doing.”

Camden would know: His giant staffing firm, Kelly Services, places more than one million people in jobs at major companies around the world each year.

His own career path took many different turns before joining Kelly more than 20 years ago. He was a bank marketing executive, co-president of an advertising agency, co-founder of a behavioral research group, and a college professor before becoming CEO of Kelly in 2006.

Camden shares with Fortune insights to his leadership style, his favorite interview question, and the best leadership advice he’s ever been given.