“We’re a company with a soul.” That’s how Mark Fields describes what “leading with purpose” means at Ford Motor. He says the automaker has been committed to making a contribution to society from the early days when Henry Ford founded the company more than one hundred years ago. “One of my favorite sayings of Henry Ford,” explains Fields, Ford’s current CEO, “is ‘a business that earns nothing but money is a poor business’.”

Fortune’s Susie Gharib reports that Ford and many other companies are talking more frequently these days about what’s commonly called “leading with purpose”—integrating societal needs into corporate strategy. It is a common theme in a series of CEO interviews she conducted in partnership with The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program (https://www.aspeninstitute.org/programs/business-and-society-program/purpose-of-the-corporation/).

Many business leaders are discovering that it makes business sense to embrace strategies that will do more than boost profits and maximize shareholder value. Increasingly they are doing more than providing good products and jobs, but also looking after the communities where they operate and taking steps to protect the environment.

And for those skeptics who doubt the value of this new corporate focus, Ford’s Mark Fields has this warning: “I think the risk is you won’t be able to attract and retain the talent that you want to make your business successful over time. And that’s the bottom line.”