By Ross Kohan
September 13, 2016

Alex Molinaroli is facing the biggest job yet as CEO of Johnson Controls. Now that his building-products company has closed its $14 billion merger with Tyco International, he has to unite the two giant companies into one.

He tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib, “What’s most important is that everyone feels like they’re part of this new company—that this new company we formed is not the old Johnson Controls or the old Tyco. It’s the new Johnson Controls. And I think as quickly as we can get to that place—and I think it shows up in how I present myself, how my leadership presents itself—I think we’ll all just be better off.”

It will take some doing. The newly merged company is shifting its corporate address from Milwaukee to Ireland where Tyco is based. The new Johnson Controls will have more than 200,000 employees, but some may lose their jobs as the company delivers on its promise to save $500 million over the next three years.

Molinaroli’s job will also change. He will continue as the CEO of the newly merged company for the first 18 months. Afterward, Tyco CEO George Oliver will step into the CEO job and Molinaroli will become executive chairman. Oliver will be the first outsider to head up Johnson Controls in its 130-year history. Molinaroli, who has been working at Johnson Controls for 33 years, offers up some leadership advice for his successor: “I think the most important thing is for us to look for the good in each company and each individual,” he says. “Because there’s going to be so much good.”


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