By Ross Kohan
August 9, 2016

Dropbox is growing up. Just look at the top management team at the 10-year-old tech startup.

Founder and CEO Drew Houston has brought in Dennis Woodside as the company’s first-ever COO. Woodside is a Stanford-trained lawyer, an 11-year Google [fortune=stock symbol=”GOOG”] veteran, a former McKinsey consultant, and more recently, the CEO of Motorola. Houston, now 31 years old, hired Woodside just a year ago, and there are already signs that since Woodside’s arrival, Dropbox is transforming into a more mature organization.

Woodside tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib that Houston is a “fantastic leader,” adding, “Drew is one of those people who is constantly learning.”

Woodside talks about the differences between leading a fast-moving startup and running a giant corporation and how he’s mentoring the young engineers at Dropbox. He also shares an important leadership lesson he learned from Google founder Larry Page.


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