It’s countdown time at Dow Chemical. The giant chemical company reported one of its last quarterly reports today as an independent company. It earned 95 cents a share in the second quarter, 10 cents better than analyst estimates. The strong earnings came amid deep cost cuts as Dow moves closer toward its $130 billion merger with DuPont—a historic combination of two of America’s oldest industrial corporations.

Dow CEO Andrew Liveris tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib that the combination will reshape the chemical and agricultural industries. Shareholders of both companies recently approved the mega-merger, and now the proposed deal needs the okay from regulators. Liveris says he is “pretty confident” the deal will get the green light and close by the end of this year. Once that happens, the plan is to break up into three separate companies specializing in agriculture, chemicals and plastics, and specialty products. Liveris expects the spinoffs will be powerful, entrepreneurial engines of growth.

“Think of us as tech startups,” he says. “We’re actually becoming more agile and more entrepreneurial in fewer spaces and going deeper because we’re bigger and we can scale up.”

The new company will be called Dow DuPont and will have combined revenues of nearly $80 billion. Liveris will continue as executive chairman. DuPont chief Edward Breen will keep the CEO title.