By Susie Gharib
July 27, 2016

It’s not enough to have Wi-Fi when you stay at a Hyatt Hotel. Now CEO Mark Hoplamazian is finding new ways to use smartphones, iPads, and other tech gadgets to create a better experience for guests staying at his hotel chain.

So it’s not surprising that Hoplamazian trekked to Aspen, Colo. to participate for the first time in Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference to learn more techie things from other attendees. Meeting up with Fortune’s Susie Gharib at the mountain resort, he confessed that his job as CEO is changing. “The kind of people that I’m spending time with are working on huge data sets,” he says, adding, “and these are areas I don’t have any background or experience in, but I’m drawn to it.”

As a result of this technology push, Hoplamazian says that Hyatt (”H”) has also been hiring more tech-savvy experts. “We have a treasure trove of information, but information without insight is not actually helpful,” he explains. “So getting people who do that interpretation and the analytics around it and then really translating that into more compelling products and services… is really the essential skill set, I think, for our future.”


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