By Susie Gharib
July 20, 2016

Toys “R” Us isn’t afraid of Amazon. So says CEO David Brandon.

He tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib that Amazon (”AMZN”) is a “formidable player” that can “change prices 88 times a day.” But he adds, “We don’t live in fear of those guys. We know who we are—what we’re good at.”

And according to Brandon, what makes Toys “R” Us so special is its “emotional connection” with customers who can come in the store and check out the merchandise. They can “touch it, feel it, try it out,” he says, and then make a purchase “based on a more considered judgment than you’re going to make just looking at a computer screen.”

Brandon took over the CEO job of the iconic toy company just one year ago. His vision is to not only build the company into a “great specialty retailer,” but to make Toys “R” Us a “relevant player in that whole world of e-commerce.”

Toys “R” Us is the world’s largest toy company with almost 2,000 stores around the globe. It racked up revenues of nearly $12 billion in 2015 and ranks number 240 on the Fortune 500.


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