By Susie Gharib
July 6, 2016

James Park is on a mission. The CEO of Fitbit, one of the leading makers of fitness trackers, wants to help people get fit and healthy. He tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib: “I would like people to think of Fitbit as ‘the’ company that’s had the most profound impact on their health outside of a hospital.”

Park co-founded the San Francisco company nine years ago. He took Fitbit public in 2015 and it is now generating nearly $2 billion in revenue. Park says his next big push is selling the company’s wearable devices globally. “International for us is only 20-something percent of our revenues,” he says. “But if you look at our peer companies, international typically constitutes at least 50% of revenues.” He believes that expanding to international markets can be “a powerful driver of our growth in the next few years.”

Park also explains why Brexit won’t impact his international expansion as well as his strategy to compete against Apple, Samsung, and Under Armour—plus what he plans to do with Fitbit’s cash reserves of $1 billion.


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