By Fortune Video
May 20, 2016

Hyatt Hotels’ CEO is tossing out the rulebook and bringing a fresh approach to running his hotel chain. Empathy is in. Perfection is out.

Mark Hoplamazian tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib he wants hotel guests to feel like they are getting “a human experience—an authentic experience” when they stay at a Hyatt (”H”). That means employees no longer follow rigid instructions on dealing with customers, but are encouraged to have personal interactions.

As Hoplamazian explains, “If you think you’re a business about serving people and interacting with people—whether that’s interacting with your colleagues or your guests or your people in the community—being able to connect with people and being able to really get into the essence of what their emotional experience is all about is essential to be being successful.”

The global hotel chain has had considerable success under Hoplamazian’s leadership over the last decade. He spearheaded Hyatt’s growth into a multi-brand luxury hotel business with revenues of more than $4 billion. And his focus on humanizing Hyatt’s hospitality business has been a hit with the company’s near 100,000 employees. In 2016, Fortune listed Hyatt as the 47th-best U.S. company to work for.


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