By Fortune Video
March 1, 2016

You don’t hear too many business leaders saying that the weak U.S. economy is good for their companies—until you talk with Debra Cafaro. She’s the CEO of Ventas, the giant health care real estate investment trust. The Chicago-based company owns 1,500 properties in senior housing, medical office buildings, and hospitals in the U.S., the UK, and Canada.

Cafaro tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib that the “slow, tepid” U.S. economy is a “constructive environment” for her business. She explains that low interest rates work in her favor for raising money and they also make Ventas’ dividend of 4.6% attractive to investors. Best of all, Cafaro says those super low interest rates make it easier for Ventas to make more acquisitions. As CEO, she has completed about $30 billion in acquisitions, and recently closed a $2 billion deal for hospital group Ardent Health Services. Investors can expect to see more headline deals this year.


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