By Sara Haralson
November 13, 2015

“Enough is enough.” That’s the final word from Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant about his $46 billion offer being rebuffed by Syngenta. That cash-and-stock deal was Grant’s third attempt to buy the giant Swiss pesticide company. He tells Fortune’s Susie Gharib he won’t make another try even though there are reports that Syngenta is now talking about a potential merger with DuPont’s agriculture division. “You can’t build a business on hope,” he says. “You have to focus on what you hold in your hand.”

And what Grant is now focusing on is data services for farmers. He just announced a deal with John Deere (DE) to stream real-time data to help farmers improve crop performance. Grant sees big data as a big growth business as farmers search for ways to lower costs and increase efficiency. “Farmers are hungry for data,” he says.


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