They’re called “unicorns”—companies that have soared to a $1 billion valuation or higher, based on fundraising. The billion-dollar tech startup was once the stuff of myth, but now they seem to be everywhere, backed by a bull market and a new generation of disruptive technology.

Some say the proliferation of unicorns is a sign of another tech bubble. Others say the valuations are entirely justified. Whatever the answer, we’re clearly living in “The Age of Unicorns,” as we called it in our February 2015 cover story by Erin Griffith and Dan Primack.

See Fortune’s list of unicorn startups below, ranked by valuation. (Where there are ties, rankings are based on alphabetical order.) The list is based on a combination of data from PitchBook, CB Insights, news reports, and our own investigation. Be forewarned: The valuations of these companies are in constant flux, and the list you see below may not necessarily reflect the most recent estimates. Our first list, published on January 22, 2015, included more than 80 unicorns and eight “decacorns,” those with valuations of $10 billion or more. As you’ll see below, there are now many more. Stay tuned.

—Daniel Roberts and Andrew Nusca

» The list below was last updated on August 25, 2015

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