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For the first time ever, Fortune has assembled a supplementary honor roll of the most impressive, young superstars who are transforming business at the leading edge of finance and technology. Click here to read the 40 Under 40 list.
1 Brian Armstrong 35 CEO and cofounder Coinbase
2 Vitalik Buterin 24 Creator Ethereum
3 Jihan Wu 32 Co-CEO and cofounder Bitmain
4 Patrick and John Collison 29, 27 CEO and cofounder; president and cofounder Stripe
5 Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt 31, 33 Co-CEOs and cofounders Robinhood
6 Rana Yared 34 Managing director, principal strategic investments Goldman Sachs
7 Song Chi-Hyung 38 Chairman of the Board Dunamu
8 Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss 36, 36 President and cofounder, CEO and cofounder; cofounders Gemini; Winklevoss Capital
9 Bill Ready 38 Executive VP and chief operating officer PayPal
10 Pavel Durov 33 CEO and cofounder Telegram
11 Amber Baldet 35 CEO and cofounder Clovyr
12 Dan Larimer 36 Chief technology officer
13 Kathleen Breitman 28 CEO and cofounder Tezos
14 Juan Benet 30 Founder Protocol Labs, FileCoin
15 Emilie Choi 39 VP of Business Development Coinbase
16 Rachel Mayer 29 Senior product manager Circle
17 Arthur Hayes Under 40 (age withheld at request) CEO and cofounder BitMEX
18 Christine Moy Under 40 (age withheld at request) Executive director, Blockchain program lead JPMorgan Chase
19 Brian Grassadonia 34 Cash App lead Square
20 Justin Schmidt 38 Head of digital asset markets Goldman Sachs
21 Asheesh Birla 39 SVP of Product Ripple
22 Elizabeth Stark Under 40 (age withheld at request) CEO and cofounder Lightning Labs
23 Olaf Carlson-Wee 28 Founder Polychain Captial
24 Elizabeth Rossiello 36 CEO and founder BitPesa
25 Ted Livingston 31 CEO and founder Kik
26 Balaji Srinivasan 38 Chief technology officer Coinbase
27 Lily Liu 35 Chief financial officer and cofounder
28 Tristan D’Agosta Under 40 (age withheld at request) Founder Poloniex
29 Nejc Kodrič 29 CEO and cofounder Bitstamp
30 Neha Narula Under 40 (age withheld at request) Director MIT Digital Currency Initiative
31 Jutta Steiner 35 CEO Parity
32 Nader al-Naji 26 CEO and cofounder Basis
33 Tammy Camp 39 CEO and founder Stronghold
34 Brandon Chez 32 Founder CoinMarketCap
35 Arianna Simpson 27 Managing director and founder Autonomous Partners
36 Roger Ver 39 CEO
37 Tina Bhatnagar 39 VP of operations Coinbase
38 Meltem Demirors 31 Founder; Chief strategy officer Athena Captial; CoinShares
39 Roham Gharegozlou 32 CEO and founder Axiom Zen
40 Primavera de Filippi Under 40 (age withheld at request) Researcher and author of “Blockchain and the Law” Harvard Law School

Jihan Wu

Co-CEO and cofounder, Bitmain, 32
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Wu is the undisputed king of cryptocurrency mining hardware and crypto mining pools. His firm Bitmain, based in Beijing, is reportedly valued at $12 billion after a recent round of funding. Wu has been known as a big proponent of Bitcoin Cash, a controversial fork of Bitcoin. Earlier this year, his company led a $110 million financing round for Circle, the crypto startup with the highest valuation in the U.S. Wu told Fortune earlier this year that he’s interested in “stablecoins,” virtual coins that have a fixed price, and that he plans to diversify Bitmain by developing AI chips.

40 Under 40

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