Frontier and DISH put a $10 million spotlight on small towns

Matt Ledoux is a 34-year-old seafood entrepreneur in Coos Bay, Oregon, a small coastal town of 16,000 people. It’s a place in need of some investment. The trains run slow because of its aging tracks. The city’s real estate needs a makeover. The fishing industry is lagging on equipment. But it’s a town with a […]

Michelle Lam, founder, True & Co.

Lingerie shopping with… Michelle Lam

Judging cut-outs, mesh panels, and springy straps with the data-driven Internet entrepreneur.

Mideast Iraq Islamic State How Strong

Why terrorists love Twitter

ISIS and the challenge for social media sites.

Game Minecraft in education

Dear Microsoft: Don’t mess up Minecraft!

The build-it-yourself platform has become a global phenomenon with a devoted following of young fans. Now that the game’s iconoclastic Swedish developer is preparing to sell it to Microsoft for more than $2 billion. Here’s one concerned fan’s open letter to Microsoft’s Chief Executive Satya Nadella (New York City resident Sabrina is the daughter of […]