Kimpton has appeared on Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For list for five years.

Founder and Chairman Nicholas Schorsch steps down from the REIT which manages roughly $30 billion in assets

Sears has closed 200 or so stores this year because they were still not viable after years of efforts by the retailer, CEO Lampert said on his blog.

Household formations in 2014 through September are already higher than any year since 2005.

By guaranteeing mortgages in a refinancing, America’s mortgage giants are both subsidizing the homeowners and taking on greater risk.

WeWork is disrupting the commercial real estate market, one communal floorplan at a time.

Experts polled by Fortune expect home prices and mortgage rates to rise slowly next year.

Sometimes the smartest actions are the ones you don’t take. That old dictum seems relevant at a moment when the markets are a paradox: Each new high only makes many veteran investors more nervous that disaster looms. Between lofty valuations, slowdowns from Europe to China, conflict from Ukraine to Syria, the end of the Fed’s […]