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Fortune’s 27 Most Fantastical Comic Book Businesses

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We used a state-of-the-art 1999 eMachines PC running Windows Me to assign totally arbitrary rankings to fictional businesses from comic books based on the following criteria: probable market value, sentimental value, popularity and the hunches of several Fortune staffers. The result is the highly unscientific Fortune Comic Grade Index (FCGI), the industry standard in ranking fake companies. The only qualifiers are all businesses must appear in a comic book (even if they originated in film) and exist in present day in some form.

Salutations, mortals! Whether it's a multinational conglomerate or a multinational pharmaceutical corporation, big business has always been both friend and foe to popular comic book characters. For the first time ever, Fortune ranks the 27 most fantastical comic book businesses using the Fortune Comic Grade Index. Read on to see who made it—and who didn't.

See our methodology and credits


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Wayne Enterprises

Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox.
Courtesy of Warner Bros

Wayne Enterprises has seen better days, but due to Bruce Wayne’s willingness to make and sell anything to bankroll his childhood fantasy, the conglomerate is still the world leader in bat-shaped ninja stars and black eye paint.

  • It makes pretty much everything.
  • The company is run by an absentee CEO who fights street crime as a flying rodent.
  • The company could make a lot more money if its CEO stopped blowing its budget on expensive all-terrain vehicles and hoverjets.
  • Its inconsolable, emotionally-stunted CEO might be unable to help the company navigate a tranformative market.

Company Information

Fortune Comic Grade Index (FCGI) 95.3
Good or Evil Undefined
Founder Bruce Wayne
Location Gotham City
Industry Multinational conglomerate
Publisher DC Comics

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