Former Intel exec Sean Maloney

Five not-to-be-missed books

These gems got less press than ones by Ben Horowitz and Eric Schmidt, but they can help grow your business.

Ralph Hamers

ING Group: The slimmer, stronger giant

After a bailout, ING Group spun off its U.S. retail bank and insurance businesses. Now CEO Ralph Hamers says it’s ready to move forward.

The incredible shrinking Congress

The 2014 Midterms: A race that nobody won

Pundits called this midterm the Seinfeld election because, like the NBC sitcom, all its sound and fury signified not much. Voters agreed. They largely tuned out, concluding that those seeking office didn’t reflect their worries about the strength of the economic recovery. Politicians typically try to squeeze some wisdom about the popular will from the […]

SAP AG Chief Executive Officer Bill McDermott

SAP’s Bill McDermott provides a CEO’s plan to defy disruption

Changing the business model of a company with $22 billion in revenue is at the top of Bill McDermott’s to-do list. New cloud-based business models are disrupting the enterprise-software industry, and SAP , one of the giants, faces significant challenges from and other fast-rising competitors. The German company recently cut its profit growth forecast […]