As the female labor participation rate continues to fall in the U.S., companies are competing to retain top talent by offering counseling and other perks.

EBay CEO John Donahoe stands to collect a hefty golden parachute when he retires next year after splitting his e-commerce company in two.

Doesn’t rule out counterattack

Longtime timber executive Rick Holley returns nearly $2 million worth of stock.

None of us likes hearing we’re not perfect, but defensiveness is self-defeating. Here’s how to respond to negative feedback.

Fresh Start, a trade skills-GED program, gives Baltimore’s 16 to 19-year-old boys a chance to avoid being tried as adults and make their way into the workforce.

After eight years leading Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick agrees that the job is akin to being a CEO. Mostly.

Companies’ top-ranks are filled with talent from similar educational backgrounds. Uniform thinking could be playing a part in the massive CEO pay gains over the past few decades.