Fortune’s Most Powerful Women: The top performing companies

The average one-year return at publicly-traded companies with executives on the MPW list was 26%. Here’s how the women at the top five best-performing companies set their companies up to outperform their peers.

NFL Commissioner Goodell Discuss 2014 Super Bowl Plans

Why it takes a crisis to get women in leadership

It took a full-blown scandal to convince the NFL that it better address some key policy issues. Here’s one possible reason why several other companies have made the same mistake.

Solar panels.

Duke moves into solar

Utility seek economies of scale for green power


Frontier and DISH put a $10 million spotlight on small towns

Matt Ledoux is a 34-year-old seafood entrepreneur in Coos Bay, Oregon, a small coastal town of 16,000 people. It’s a place in need of some investment. The trains run slow because of its aging tracks. The city’s real estate needs a makeover. The fishing industry is lagging on equipment. But it’s a town with a […]