A federal judge in California ruled the ride-hailing service must face a lawsuit alleging Uber discriminates against blind people by refusing to transport guide dogs.

A new center calls on Boeing, GE, and other companies to solve digital manufacturing’s biggest challenges.

IBM reported a 12% dip in first-quarter revenue that it blamed on the sale of some business units and an unfavorable exchange rate.

The microblogging service has tweaked its private messaging service so that users can be contacted by people and companies they do not follow.

Drinking with abandon alongside Troy Michels, the 36-year-old CEO of Intelligent Beverages, which makes an anti-hangover beverage called Resqwater.

Pepperdata, which just raised another $15 million, sells technology that balances analytics workloads across Hadoop installations.

One year in, the “athlete stock exchange” is co-investing with its athletes, paying dividends, and proving its model.

Professional video gaming, known as ‘eSports’, has a fan base that will outstrip the NFL by 2017, and big brands like Coca-Cola are already looking for sponsorship opportunities.