Software from InContext Solutions creates mock-ups of new products or packaging, allowing consumer goods companies and retailers to test ideas in cyber space.

The human cost of high-tech manufacturing is portrayed by the BBC as sleep deprivation. 

Good morning, Data Sheet readers. Willing to pay for a special chip fine-tuned for your data center applications? Intel is willing to listen. Plus, eBay’s current CEO will get $23 million when he leaves. Read on for more pre-holiday news about the business of technology. Want to give me an early Christmas present? Forward this […]

Uber struck a deal with Portland officials to suspend its local operations while the city redefines its transportation regulations.

South Korean giant may raise payout by over 50% to soften the blow from falling smartphone profitability.

Company also completes its acquisition of Secusmart, a privately held firm that specializes in voice and data encryption.

The podcasting network, home to Snooki and Adam Carolla, boasts 120 million monthly downloads.

There is at least one surefire way to stop hackers from accessing old emails…