It’s a battle over data plans

Apple and Cisco will work together to make it easier for businesses to use Cisco products with Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad.

The ride-hailing company is nearly done closing a $1 billion round for its Chinese operations, which it values at $7 billion.

The Obama administration is considering punishing China for economic spying as Chinese President Xi Jinping preps for his first state visit.

The FAA contract, which could amount to $1 billion over time, aims to consolidate the agency’s data centers and is part of a broader cloud-first initiative of the federal government.

Siemens’ new eHighway offers an unexpected road to clean shipping.

Want a smartwatch that looks like a regular watch? The Martian Voice Command Aviator B10 might just be perfect for you.

Researchers build artificial intelligence that can render a photo in the style of a Great Master.