The Broadsheet: August 22nd

Happy Friday, Broadsheet readers. Are women making it to the top of the corporate ladder in the “wrong” jobs? Plus, we talk with Dell CMO Karen Quintos about how the role of the chief marketing officer is changing. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday.

Pace Of Job Growth Slows Down, 7.8 Unemployment Rate Remains Unchanged

Is getting laid off really so 2007?

A new Gallup Poll suggests U.S. job security is at an all-time high, but here’s a look at what’s really behind the seemingly cheery sentiment.

The Broadsheet: August 21st

Good morning, Broadsheet readers. Today, we hear from a crowdfunding site with a much larger percentage of women employees than other tech companies in Silicon Valley. Read on to learn why venture capitalists should pay attention.

The Broadsheet: August 20th

Good morning, Broadsheet readers. Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good has another oil spill on her hands, while GM’s Mary Barra is busy writing letters. Read on to learn how to get more women into the C-Suite. Have a great Wednesday!