Beijing’s battle plan for Hong Kong

Hong Kong will likely tolerate the protest and pray for its self-destruction until the end of the month. But after this grace period is over, things could turn very ugly very quickly.

Group of business people having a business meeting

Can cloud computing help cure the high-tech gender gap?

By 2020, U.S. companies will need more than 1.4 million workers who understand cloud services and mobile technology. That transition signals a shift in traditional hiring practices.

United Airlines Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings

How airline loyalty programs seduce and abandon you

Airline mileage programs are designed to be psychologically attractive, even addictive, to customers. But as their benefits have decreased, so too has passenger loyalty.

Mayor De Blasio Announces Executive Order Raising Living Wage

Why living wage laws are riddled with holes

Many living wage laws are chock full of exemptions and exceptions. In the end, very few workers benefit from these policies.