Three weeks after raising expectations, Romney steps out of the spotlight

Residents of Catalonia claim that Spain’s central government take too much of their tax money and have made decisions that hurt the region.

Russia’s central bank has cut interest rates by 2% after businesses protested they were being choked. The result is another new low for the ruble, hitting ordinary Russians instead.

After this morning’s weaker-than-expected GDP number, the chances that a rate hike is coming in June just got a little smaller.

Another concern of Honda in the short-term: declining gas prices.

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

The National Basketball Association and Tencent Holdings Ltd said Friday the Shenzhen-based Internet giant will be the only company in China to stream the league’s online content. The exclusive, five-year deal will allow Tencent to offer for the first time in China the NBA’s League Pass package, which allows subscribers to watch a full season’s […]

Homegrown terrorists are “one of the biggest threats that our nation faces,” says the Senator.