Garutti’s 2.7% stake in the company is now worth more than $46 million.

High oil prices gave the oil industry several bad habits, including runaway spending, poor planning, and engineering mistakes. Now that oil prices have declined, the industry needs to change its ways, quickly.

New Precision Medicine Initiative aims to catalog the DNA of at least 1 million Americans in order to ‘bring us closer to curing diseases like cancer and diabetes.’

Gene therapy isn’t as sexy as shakes. But Spark Therapeutics raised more money than Shake Shack, and is now worth nearly as much.

Stock surges over 130% as investors feast on a chance to buy the New York burger chain’s shares as it launches on the New York Stock Exchange.

Based on some measures, the stock market is the most expensive it has been since at least 1951 and probably ever.

Residents of Catalonia claim that Spain’s central government take too much of their tax money and have made decisions that hurt the region.

Russia’s central bank has cut interest rates by 2% after businesses protested they were being choked. The result is another new low for the ruble, hitting ordinary Russians instead.