The two sides of cheaper gas

Fracking could cause oil prices to fall further, making U.S. production unfeasible for producers.


Oil prices down after latest inventory numbers

Crude prices are down again Thursday amid news that American production from the shale boom shows no sign of slowing. Brent – the global benchmark – sunk to its lowest level since Nov. 2010 and was trading at $83.47 a barrel or a change of 31 cents or 0.37 percent. Some of decline is due […]


Oil prices are down, but don’t expect a return to $60, or $30 a barrel

Oil prices are plunging. On Tuesday alone, the price of crude fell the most in one day since mid-2012. So what’s next for the price of crude? Analysts expect oil prices to fall further, thanks to a double whammy of weakening economies and a supply glut. But don’t expect a return to the days when […]