Women make groups smarter

On average, women exhibit greater social sensitivity than men. And social sensitivity is a major contributing factor in group intelligence.

The Broadsheet: September 18th

Good morning, Broadsheet readers. Fortune today announced its annual list of The 50 Most Powerful Women in Business. Nearly half of the women on our list are CEOs, which is a record. As the list’s editor, Jennifer Reingold writes: “Our women are leading—and in many cases pushing through difficult transformations—in heavy industries such as tech, […]

The Broadsheet: September 17th

Good morning, Broadsheet readers. Tomorrow morning at 8AM on CBS, Fortune Senior Editor Pattie Sellers will announce our 2014 Most Powerful Women in Business list. Read on for why it often takes a crisis before women are brought into leadership roles. Have a great Wednesday!

The Quiet Car on the Amtrak Acela train

The cult of the Amtrak Quiet Car

The noise-free zone has won a devout following up and down the Northeast Corridor. Our resident shusher weighs in.


A job hopper could be your best new hire

Some people go from one job to another in quick succession because they want to escape. Others are looking for growth.

The Broadsheet: September 16th

Good morning, Broadsheet readers. In two days, Fortune will announce its 2014 Most Powerful Women in Business list. Email me at caroline.fairchild@fortune.com with your prediction for this year’s #1 woman, and read on for the three top reasons why CEOs fail within the first 18 months of taking a new job. Have a great Tuesday!