Manager and his secretary-typist. Paris. On 1927.

The Broadsheet: July 31st

Good morning, Broadsheet readers. Target announced a new CEO and it’s not who we all thought it might be. Read on to see why female lawyers named Cameron are more likely to be successful than ones named Sue.


How do I become an entrepreneur?

The right idea is key, but anyone who dreams of being the next Mark Zuckerberg must also have a good dose of passion and persistence.

sitting desk

Please stand up while you read this

Sitting all day, at the office or on a beach, is a well-documented health hazard. But two new medical studies offer some hope to the desk-bound.

The Broadsheet: July 30th

Good morning, Broadsheet readers. It’s been three weeks since we started our daily newsletter and we’d love to get some feedback. What’s working? What isn’t? Email me at with your thoughts, and enjoy your Wednesday.


Being lonely at work is bad for business

One nonprofit is attempting to stem teacher burnout by addressing a problem that plagues many offices: employee loneliness.


The 3 biggest networking mistakes

The stigma of unemployment has faded, thanks to the recession, but a surprising number of job hunters are still embarrassed about it.