tablet computer

How to use a tablet in a job interview

Technology has changed some (not all) of the rules about bringing electronic devices when you meet with a prospective employer.

The Broadsheet: July 18th

Good morning, Broadsheet readers. Starting with Hillary Clinton’s response to the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, here are today’s top stories:


The next big jobs collapse: higher education

Colleges and universities face several daunting challenges up ahead. And it looks like the world of higher education may need to shrink to survive.

The Broadsheet: July 17th

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Today, GM boss Mary Barra makes her fourth appearance before Congress to discuss the automaker’s ignition-switch defect. Read on to learn more about the one trait successful leaders share.


The one trait successful leaders share

In “Looks Good On Paper,” clinical psychologist Leslie Pratch explores dealing effectively with setbacks and being a successful leader.

Sweet Earth Foods

From Burger King chair to natural-foods maven

Ever daydream about a total career change, maybe running your own show? Brian Swette did that. Here’s what he’s learned so far.