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50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back

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Companies on the 50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back list offer their employees the chance to make a positive impact on and off the job.

Fortune asked Great Place to Work to determine the winners by taking into account both both the extent to which employees at these companies feel they are able to make a difference in their communities as well as the degree to which they have the support of their organizations to give back. Great Place to Work surveyed more than 240,000 randomly-selected employees and collected program information from nearly 600 organizations. Employees rated the difference they make at work, the meaningfulness of their jobs, and the impact they feel their organization makes in its community. Two-thirds of each company's score is based on this employee feedback, which also takes into account written comments about the importance giving back has in these workplaces.

The remaining third of each company's score is based on the generosity of its community-oriented programs, relative to its size and revenue. Great Place to Work considered the total financial value of charitable donations made as a percent of the company's revenue; the average amount donated by the company per employee through matching programs; how many paid volunteer hours the company provides its staff; and whether the company offers flexible hours and compressed scheduling benefits that would allow employees to fit regular volunteer activities into their work lives.

Results from the employee survey are highly reliable, having a 95 percent confidence level and a margin of error of 5 percent or less. Companies were selected from a universe of nearly 600 Great Place to Work-certified organizations. Organizations are certified on the basis of an anonymous 58-statement survey distributed at random to a statistically significant number of current employees. To see the schedule for all of our Best Workplaces lists and more information on how to apply, visit Great Place to Work’s website.

Company profiles were reported and written by Caroline Preston.

More and more, the instant gratification of volunteering and its “do good, feel good” mentality is inspiring workers who seek a higher purpose in their day-to-day jobs. So we asked the culture experts at Great Place to Work to determine which companies offer flexible scheduling and paid time off for volunteering as part of their workplace benefits. They surveyed thousands of employees to discover how they’re making a difference, and they also asked about employee donations and corporate matching. Here are 50 great employers whose dedicated workers are making the world a better place, one volunteer project at a time.

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Novo Nordisk

Courtesy of Novo Nordisk Inc.

The pharmaceutical company has a “triple bottom line” culture that empowers employees to give back, says Genevieve Jean-Bart Fadayomi, senior manager of U.S. corporate giving and social impact. It recently launched a competition that gives workers $10,000 to support their chosen nonprofit. One of this year’s five winners used that money to support a mobile pantry in Flint, Mich., that provides vitamin-rich food to combat the effects of lead poisoning. Read the Great Place to Work review here.

Company Info

Industry Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
Sector -
Year founded 1982
HQ location Plainsboro, N.J.
Type of org Public
# of work sites 12
U.S. employees 5,250
Global employees 45,250
Web address


Total company donations $13800000.00
Offers paid time off for volunteering
Max PTO for volunteering 80
Company matches employee contribution
Total amount matched (past 12 mo) $55000.00
Avg match/employee $10.50
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