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100 Best Workplaces for Women

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Our inaugural list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Women is a “best of the best” ranking. The winners are decided from a pool of approximately 650 companies with published Great Place to Work reviews, meaning they are serious about creating a great workplace and comfortable with transparency. 

To create this list, Great Place to Work, our longtime research partner for Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, surveyed 135,689 women at 637 companies, who answered a detailed questionnaire considering everything from the fairness of their company’s promotions, to who has access to information and leadership, the level of support for employees’ personal lives, and the degree of inclusiveness and connection they feel with colleagues. Women answered 58 questions in total, including an overall assessment of whether the company is a great place to work.

These survey results have a high degree of reliability in accurately reflecting employees’ experiences: In statistical terms, women’s survey results all meet a 95 percent confidence level and a margin of error of 6.5 percent or less.

Positive survey results are the biggest reason companies appear on this ranking, since two-thirds of each company’s score is based on employee opinion and reports from female employees. The remaining third takes into account how well-represented women are within the workforce overall, as well as the number of women who hold management and executive positions. We also gave higher scores to companies who achieved the highest level of parity between men and women in their organization – companies where not only the most women reported the company performed well on an index of fairness-related questions, but also those where just as many women had that experience as men.

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The inaugural list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Women from our partners at Great Place to Work includes the wealth management firm TrueWealth at No.1, hospital system Texas Health Resources (No. 3), and Build-A-Bear Workshop (No. 10). Rankings were determined by employee surveys and the representation of women within the organizations.

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Courtesy of Elixiter

This Bozeman, Montana-based marketing firm says 78% of its managers are women. Employees are eligible to spend three paid hours per week working on their personal health, and 20 hours per year volunteering. “Elixiter seeks experienced marketing consultants to join its high octane team. You can experience a fun, high growth, profitable start-up in Big Sky country.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Info

Industry Advertising & Marketing
Industry Sector Direct Marketing
HQ Location Bozeman, Montana
Year Founded 2011
Company Type Private
Revenue $1.6 million
Web Address
Best Companies Rank -
Best Companies URL -
Total Number of Employees 26
Number of Female Employees 18
% of Women in the Company 64%
% of Women in Executive Positions 50%
% of Women in Manager Positions 78%

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