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The Best Workplaces for Diversity

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Fortune and Great Place to Work partnered with Essence and People en Español to determine which companies have made diversity a top priority. These diversity lists are a “best of the best” ranking. The winners come from a universe of approximately 630 companies with published Great Place to Work reviews, meaning they are serious about creating a great workplace and comfortable with transparency. Companies needed to have at least 30 employees with at least 15% women and 15% racial/ethnical minorities in order to be considered for the list.  Data about the population of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees was not provided by the companies, so therefore could not be included as part of the methodology.

To determine the winners, Great Place to Work surveyed 128,000 women and nearly 70,000 minorities at 630 companies who answered a detailed questionnaire considering everything from how comfortable they are being themselves; the degree of favoritism or insider politics they observe in the workplace; the fairness of promotions; the feeling of honest connection with coworkers; their access to senior leadership; and who receives information and professional development and who doesn’t. Employees answered 58 questions in total, including an overall assessment of whether the company is a great place to work.

Survey results have a high degree of reliability in accurately reflecting employees’ experiences: In statistical terms, women’s and minorities’ survey results both meet a 95 percent confidence level and a margin of error of 6.5 percent or less.

These survey results are the biggest reason companies appear on this ranking, since two-thirds of each company’s score is based on women’s and minorities’ reports. The remaining third of each company’s score takes into account how well-represented women and minorities are within the workforce, management and executive positions; how positively they experience their workplace on an index of factors where women and minorities tend to have a less positive experience than their colleagues; and how favorably women and minorities’ experiences compared to the 139,000 men and 184,000 Caucasians also surveyed.

From this superset of companies, Great Place to Work also identified the top 10 companies for employees for African-American, Hispanic/Latino and Asian-identified employees  based on these employees’ reports of their workplace experiences. To be a candidate for the list, each company needed to have stronger representation within their organization than within the overall US workforce as a whole of the race/ethnic group being considered. Companies whose workforces met this criteria were then ranked based on the employee survey scores of the particular population being recognized.

Company profiles were written by Ryan Derousseau, Laura Docon, Taylor Lewis, and Christopher Tkaczyk.

To have your company surveyed and considered for any of the workplaces lists published by Fortune, including the 2016 list of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For and next year's ranking of the 50 Best Workplaces for Diversity, visit

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Fortune and Great Place to Work partnered with Essence and People en Español to survey companies that make inclusiveness a top priority. Rankings were determined by employee feedback and the representation of racial and ethnic minorities and women.

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Company Information

HQ Location St. Louis, Mo.
Industry Agriculture
Type of Organization Public
Year Founded 1901
Web Address
Total # of Employees 22,000
Best Companies Rank -
Best Companies URL -


% of Women 32%
% of Women in Executive Positions 29%
% of Women in Manager Positions 26%
% of Minorities 22%
% of Minorities in Executive Positions 13%
% of Minorities in Manager Positions 17%

Race and Ethnicity Groups

% African-American/Black 4%
% Asian 11%
% Hispanic/Latino 5%
% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.79%
% Native American/Alaska Native 0.20%
% Two or More Races -
% Caucasian/White 78%

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