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50 Best Workplaces for Flexibility

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Companies on the 50 Best Workplaces for Flexibility list offer supportive programs and policies—and have created cultures where employees make great use of them because their leaders implicitly trust their people to do so.

Fortune asked Great Place to Work to determine the winners by examining their offerings and availability of telecommuting, flex-time, compressed work weeks, job sharing and phased retirement programs—and to recognize companies whose employees access these programs the most. Great Place to Work also surveyed more than 209,000 randomly-selected employees and asked them to describe their day-to-day work experiences. Employees rated their organizations on 21 different factors assessing companies' cultural support for flexibility and work-life balance. These factors take into account not only whether employees feel the work environment is flexible to them as individuals, but also whether sufficient communication, leadership and a level playing field are in place to ensure people who take advantage of this flexibility can be successful and contribute fully at work.

Two-thirds of each company's score is based on employees' survey scores and written comments, and one-third is based upon the presence and utilization of flexibility programs. Results from the survey are highly reliable, have a 95 percent confidence level, and a margin of error of 5 percent or less. These 50 companies were selected from a universe of nearly 600 Great Place to Work-certified organizations that are verified using Great Place to Work’s Trust Index, an anonymous 58-statement survey distributed at random to a statistically significant number of current employees. To see the schedule for all of our Best Workplaces lists and more information on how to apply, visit Great Place to Work’s website.

More than ever, the workplace is in a state of disruption. For our first-ever flexibility list, we looked for employers that have welcomed the rapid change to how we work by offering job sharing, telecommuting, compressed workweeks, flexible scheduling, and phased retirement options to employees. Great Place to Work surveyed more than 209,000 workers in the U.S to find out who’s getting it right. Here are 50 great employers that have embraced the future of work—by making employees happy and flexible.

See our methodology and credits


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Ultimate Software

Photograph by Johnny Louis — Getty Images

“What’s great about Ultimate Software is that they care about their employees; there are a lot of companies that say they do, but with Ultimate you can tell it is part of their business DNA. They look at their employees as individuals with real human needs and desires, rather than simply tools that they need to appease in order to further the company’s bottom line. They offer flexible working hours so that you can enjoy your hobbies or take care of your kids without needing to take time off work, as well as a massage therapist on-site to take care of that lingering stress everyone can get periodically. They also listen to suggestions—for instance, there was one employee who had asked if we could have more frequent enrollment periods for the 401(k), and so Ultimate Software made it happen!” says one worker. Read the Great Place to Work review here. Ultimate Software also appears at No. 15 on Fortune‘s list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Company Info

Industry Information Technology
Sector Online Internet Services
Year founded 1990
HQ location Weston, Florida
Type of organization Public
Total U.S. employees 2,547
Total employees worldwide 2,604
Number of work sites 23
Web address

Flexibility Program

Offers telecommuting
% of employees who telecommute 50%
Offers flextime
% of employees who use flextime -
Offers job sharing
% of employees who use job sharing -
Offers compressed workweeks
% of employees who use compressed workweeks 15%
Offers phased retirement
% of employees who have used phased retirement -
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