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The Best Workplaces for Camaraderie is a best of the best ranking. The winners come from the universe of Great Place to Work-certified companies that have great workplace cultures. Nearly 600 companies are certified and have received workplace reviews, which reflect the opinions of over 255,200 employees who were randomly selected to complete Great Place to Work’s Trust Index employee survey. Those employees were asked questions about how frequently they experience the behaviors that create a great workplace. Companies achieving the highest overall results in their size categories were then ranked based on employees’ feedback regarding the quality of the personal connections they experiences with colleagues, taking into account how comfortable people feel being themselves; how friendly, cooperative, and fun the workplace is; and the strength of its teams. Results from the survey are highly reliable, having a 95 percent confidence level and a margin of error of 5 percent or less. The total score for each company is based entirely upon employee feedback. To see the schedule for all of our workplace lists and more information on how to apply, visit Great Place to Work’s website.

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To compile our first-ever list of the most fun workplaces, we turned to the workers. Great Place to Work polled more than 250,000 employees at nearly 600 companies to find out which have the best personal connections among staff, how comfortable people feel being their whole selves at work, and most importantly, we asked about each company’s overall friendliness and cooperative nature. Read on for unvarnished comments from employees.

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Power Home Remodeling Group

Courtesy of Power Home Remodeling Group

“Power really cares about the employee and fosters a real sense of camaraderie. Through personal struggles, outside of work, they were really great in showing support and helping me through a difficult circumstance. There is also a real sense of team here. It feels like we are all working toward a common goal of building a great business and creating a gratifying experience for the customers. I hope to work here until I retire,” says one employee. Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Information

Industry Construction & Real Estate
Sector Contracting
HQ Location Chester, Pa.
Year Founded 1992
Company Type Private
Total U.S. Revenues $310.7 million
Global Revenues $310.7 million
Total # of U.S. Employees 1,515
Total # of World Wide Employees 1,515
# Work Sites/Locations 10
Best Companies Rank -
Best Companies URL -
Web Address http://www.powerhrg.com

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