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50 Best Small Workplaces 2017

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Over 74,000 US employees provided input to this year’s Best Small and Medium Workplaces lists.

Fortune's research partner, Great Place to Work, analyzed each organization's performance on over 50 survey questions anonymously rated by their staff. All employees were invited to participate in the survey, which is designed to reveal whether the organization is consistently a great place to work for all its people. Meaning: Do employees trust the people they work for? Are they treated fairly and with respect? Are people proud of their work? Do they enjoy the folks they work with? Are great experiences available to everyone – or does it depend upon who you are and what job you perform? How effective are executives at leading the organization and giving everyone an opportunity to innovate and contribute to the organization’s success? How does the workplace compare to others of a similar size or industry?

Great Place to Work also collected demographic and program data from companies, but rankings were driven by employee feedback. To be considered, companies had to meet the Great Place to Work-Certified standard and their survey results needed at least a 95% confidence level, 6% margin of error. Companies with 10 to 99 employees were considered for the small list and 100 – 999 employees were considered for the medium list.

To learn more about Great Place to Work Certification and be considered for Best Workplaces lists published by Fortune, visit

50 Best Small Workplaces

To compile this year's list of the country's top small and medium workplaces, Fortune partner Great Place to Work received input from over 74,000 employees at businesses across the U.S. • Also see: 100 Best Medium Workplaces

See our methodology and credits


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Spotlight Analyst Relations

Courtesy of Spotlight Analyst Relations

Employees say:


“Our team is incredibly open, trusting, and FUN! Spotlight is a place where we can share our perspective and be valued for a new, innovative way of thinking. Spotlight allows employees to thrive in a way that empowers everyone.”


“I truly view this company as my extended family. Our founders have created an organization that not only provides tremendous value to our clients but is also extremely rewarding (extrinsically and intrinsically). The culture they have created is one of true camaraderie, where laughter is constant and spending time together outside of the workplace is the norm. Spotlight is a place that fosters professional development and provides both the support and resources needed to become the next version of ourselves. We are continually encouraged to share and celebrate our individual and collaborative successes. I can honestly say I look forward to going to work every day. It’s a place where I feel valued and where I feel like I can win.”


Read the Great Place to Work review here.

Company Info

Industry Professional Services
U.S. Employees 22
HQ Location Kansas City, Mo.
Revenue 4200000

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