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To identify its lists of the best workplaces, Great Place to Work conducts the most extensive employee survey in corporate America. This year’s survey was sent to more than 88,000 employees at 450 companies. Figures are as of July 2015 and represent full-time and part-time U.S. employees, unless otherwise noted. Annual revenue figures are for the latest fiscal year.

Two-thirds of a company’s score is based on the results of the Trust Index Employee Survey, which is sent to a random sample of employees from each company. This survey asks questions related to employees’ attitudes about management’s credibility, overall job satisfaction, and camaraderie. The other third is based on responses to the Culture Audit, which includes detailed questions about pay and benefit programs and a series of open-ended questions about hiring practices, methods of internal communication, training, recognition programs, and diversity efforts. To nominate your company for the 2016 list, go to greatplacetowork.com/learn-what-it-takes.

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100% of health coverage
Offers job sharing
Offers compressed work weeks
Paid sabbaticals
Onsite fitness center
Discounted gym memberships
Insurance for Part-time
Tuition Reimbursed
Volunteer PTO
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25 Best Medium Workplaces

To determine this year’s ranking of the best small business employers, our research partners at workplace consultant Great Place to Work surveyed more than 88,000 workers at 540 companies that have between 25 and 999 employees.

Click here to see the 25 Best Small Workplaces list.

See how companies made the list — and how you can apply
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Courtesy of Etsy

The online marketplace for handmade goods hosts an annual Hack Week where employees take time away from regular work to work on any special project they choose. Weird things are known to happen including spontaneous dance parties, pranks, and surprise guests. Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Info

Rank last year 19
Industry Media
Year founded 2005
HQ location Brooklyn, New York
Type of organization Public
Revenue (2014 or most recent year) $195.6 million
Web address https://www.etsy.com
Total U.S. employees 617
Total employees outside the U.S. -
% of Women 48%
Non-discrimination policy
Full-time jobs added in the last year 134
Full-time job growth % 28%
Number of work sites 3


100% of health coverage
Offers telecommuting
Offers job sharing
Offers compressed work weeks
Offers fully-paid sabbaticals
Onsite fitness center
Discounted gym memberships
Onsite medical care facility
Offers college tuition reimbursement
Annual tuition reimbursement cap -
Offers paid time off for volunteering
Max # of hours for volunteering PTO 40
Avg. hours of training FT hourly employees receive per year 90
Avg. hours of training FT salaried employees receive per year 90

Paid Time Off

Holidays 12
Vacation 15
Sick days -
Set or unlimited number of sick days? Unlimited
General PTO -
Total PTO after five years 20


# of job applicants 32,462
Avg. # of applicants per opening 102
# of jobs filled 265
Jobs filled internally 18
% of jobs filled by referral 31%
# new graduates hired 14

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