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100 Best Companies to Work For

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For the sixth year running, Google has landed the top spot on our list of the country’s Best Companies to Work For. The $75 billion tech titan is famous for luxe perks like free gourmet food, haircuts, and laundry services, of course. But it also takes a ­rigorous analytical approach to morale. It boosted its parental-leave policies, for example, after finding that mothers were leaving at higher rates—the result was a 50% reduction in attrition for working moms. And then there’s the culture: Town halls held by black Googlers and allies, support for transgender workers, and unconscious-bias workshops (­already attended by more than 70% of staff) help foster what employees say is a “safe and inclusive” workplace at this hive of high performers.

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Rank last year


Years on list


HQ location

Mountain View, Calif.

Total employees


Job openings (as of February 2017)



Information Technology

Revenue (2016 or most recent year)


Year founded


Type of organization


Number of work sites


*Employee count for Alphabet, Google’s parent company.**Over 1,000 job openings.
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Onsite fitness center
Discounted gym memberships
Job sharing
Onsite medical care facility
Onsite childcare
Sick days for part-timers
Health insurance for part-timers
PTO for volunteering
does not offer
100% health coverage
Compressed work weeks
Fully-paid sabbaticals
Medical facility at all locations
College tuition reimbursement
% Women-
% Minorities-
% African-American/Black-
% Asian-
% Caucasian/White-
% Hispanic/Latino-
% Native American/Alaska Native-
% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander-
% Two or more races-
% Unknown ethnicity-
Paid Time Off
General PTO15
Total PTO after 5 years25
# Sick days-
Max hours PTO for volunteering20
General PTO for part-timers-
# Sick days for part-timers-
Most common job (for salaried employee)Software Engineer
Avg. base pay (salaried)-
Avg. extra compensation (salaried)-
Total pay for most common job (salaried)-
Most common job (for hourly employee)-
Avg. base pay (hourly)-
Avg. extra compensation (hourly)-
Total pay for most common job (hourly)-
Avg. monthly rate for onsite childcare-
Hiring/Staffing (Past 12 Months)
Full-time job growth %-
# of job applicants-
Avg. # of applicants per opening-
FT voluntary turnover-
Jobs filled internally-
% Jobs filled by referral-
# New graduates hired-
Avg. college tuition reimbursed-
Avg. # hours training (salaried workers)-
Avg. # hours training (hourly workers)-

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